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What's Trending in Design: An insider's live from NeoCon

neocon booth image

CHICAGO, June 12, 2013 - HI-MACSŪ of LG Hausys America shined in the spotlight with an innovative booth space that attracted thousands of architects and designers at NeoCon 2013. During the event, HI-MACSŪ announced the new concept of 'Freedom of Imagination' through solid surface to improve brand awareness and reach new market heights by introducing new 2013 collections and 2014 color concepts, including White Gray & Black, Healthcare, Design Lab, Concrete and Breeze.

The exhibition space was an intelligent design package of display, creativity and flow. The display space presented a snap shot of products, designs and other visions created out of HI-MACSŪ - everything from an animated-looking table and chair to more abstract pieces which feature various design capabilities such as thermoforming and translucency. Inside the walls was a streaming video using innovative 3-dimensional mapping technology featured the HI-MACSŪ 'characters' morphing and moving around the exhibition space, bringing the worlds between reality and imagination closer together. The space was themed after a black box theatre drawing in flow of audience with curiosity through its lateral hallways creating an interactive and one-of-a-kind space.

The HI-MACSŪ objet characters featured on projected video came to life on display morphing and moving around the exhibition space, bringing the worlds between reality, virtual space and imagination together. The concept embraced bold innovations to a new context that blurred the boundaries between today's reality and design. The 3D vitual experience delivered by the characters (objets d'art) that not only featured the technical capabilities of the solid surface HI-MACSŪ but that can express the concept of 'freedom of imagination' engraved a special emphasis to HI-MACSŪ's brand image, successfully re-establishing their presence in the design industry.

LG Hausys celebrated their new color launch by hosting cocktail party hours every day at the showroom for drinks, assortment of appetizer and musical entertainment. Many people enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with the community and to step away from business and motivate each other. Almost 600 guests attended the party at this year's Neocon and we plan on making it a tradition.

The colors of HI-MACSŪ solid surfaces introduced for 2013 collectively tell the story of today's market trends. Many of these running collections - Healthcare, White Gray & Black, Design Lab and new Concrete & Breeze reveal much to discover about how consumers of design seek improved quality, powerful customization and versatility. As the company developed these new series, their goal was to help architects and designers understand what their customers will be looking for today and in years to come. Inspired by the concept 'New Generation of Inspiration', the collections trend for commercial and residential applications that nurture their prospects and potential leads.