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perfect for outdoor adventures...

Build made-to-measure outdoor spaces with HI-MACS®. HI-MACS® solid surface adapts to your idea ? not vice versa and presents a new approach to your plans. The material allows designs to be flexible and is successfully used in any atmosphere due to its design-oriented qualities. HI-MACS® is fun, versatile, and cost-effective ? nowadays increasingly popular in private homes and hotels. Let the creative mind transform good ideas into brilliant design, thereby inspiring your clients. Experience the new generation of inspiration.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. Is HI-MACS® suitable for exterior application?
A. HI-MACS® can be used for exterior applications under careful maintenance. Lighter colors are more sustainable to solar fading. However please be aware that outdoor applications are not covered under the warranty due to possibility of extreme weather condition and other pollutants.

Q. Will the HI-MACS® solid surface?s color solar fade?
A. No. The acrylic resins used in HI-MACS® solid surface are unaffected by the ultraviolet rays present in natural light. However outdoor applications do require more frequent care to maintain its shine.

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