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For Public Building / Facade

DESIGNED WITH inspiration IN MIND...

We are all touched by places which inspire, stimulate, and comfort us as they hold the power to influence our values. Distinguishing buildings capture public imagination and become part of our cultural identity. HI-MACS®, in terms of design and function, has stood the test of quality and has adapted to our evolving needs; it is the future for exterior design of today. With it, the possibilities are as versatile and varied to overcome every requirement enabling creative minds to deliver some of the most innovative and creative plans. In the new generation of inspiration, good design goes everywhere with HI-MACS®.

The excellent thermoformability of new generation solid surface enables designers and architects to mold any 3-dimensional shape imaginable along with its unique translucency. The exposure of material to adverse weather often becomes a critical hindrance for outdoor designs, but HI-MACS®, available in many colors, are built to withstand these conditions including wet area, UV radiation and changes in temperature.

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HI-MACS Facade Leonardo Glass Cube

Project: Leonardo Glass Cube | Design: 3deluxe I Production: Rosskopf & Partner AG | Photographer: Emanuel Raab, 3deluxe | Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White

HI-MACS Facade Zara

Project: Zara | Design: Zara Estudio I Production: Grupo Candido Hermida | Photographer: Marc Wilson | Material: HI-MACS® Toffee Brown

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. Is custom size/color available for HI-MACS® solid surface?
A. Custom solid colors are available via our Design Lab, and custom length/width up to 36" is also available by special order to maximize yield. Please contact us for more details.

Q. How do I know ¼" availability?
A. HI-MACS® solid surface is available in ½" (13mm) and ¼" (6mm) sheet thicknesses. ¼" sheet is available depending on the stock quantity of the color at time of the order. Custom length and width to 36" is also available by special order to maximize yield. Please contact us for more details.

Q. How sustainable is HI-MACS® solid surface?
A. HI-MACS® solid surface is considered renewable with easy-to-care and repairable properties, backed by our 15 year limited warranty. With proper care and maintenance, your HI-MACS® countertop will last for many years to come for your children and grandchildren.

Project: Pan-gyo Residence | Design: Office 53427 I Production: Daemyung ATM | Photographer: Yongkwan Kim | Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White

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