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CASE STUDY: Pangyo Residence, Korea

Incredible on the Inside. Remarkable on the Outside.

Pangyo Residence was built with the intention to break the traditional idea of designing a home unique in itself. The clean white façade displayed wraps itself around the structure. It almost gives the viewer the intention of a futuristic star base that one would see in the movies. Its protruding windows along the outer areas help depict this picture. Built two stories high, the kitchen and living area open up with windows to display the beauty that is inside. Pangyo Residence is by far a revolutionary concept home that breaks the norm of many homes in Korea.

" The clean white façade displayed wraps itself around the structure "

Pangyo, a fairly new developing city in Korea, has been in the makings to become one of the most architecturally efficient and beautiful cities in the country. Among all the small marvels there is one house that stands out called Pangyo Residence. At first glimpse you will notice its unique design. It has revolutionized the look of a traditional home. The design may be the first thing that any person will be intrigued by this home. However, what makes Pangyo Residence most appealing is the material that it is made with ? solid surface.

Solid surface is a mixture of synthetic polymers compressed with polyester resin ? a very sturdy plastic. This material is used mainly in kitchen countertops and bathroom sinks. It isn't common to see such material used for walls or buildings. However, this concept, called façade, is increasingly becoming more common and popular. Pangyo Residence is one of the first homes in this area that was built using this material inside and out.

Outdoor Properties
- Extremely popular thanks to its non porosity, HI-MACS® can be cleaned easily and stands up to dirt.

- HI-MACS® façades are resistant to sun and moonlight in a selection of colors that will not fade with guaranteed quality:
Alpine White / Nordic White / White Quartz / White Granite / Almond / Cream / Sea Oat Quartz / Opal

- HI-MACS® has natural contraction and expansion properties related to temperature changes. For exterior applications, thermal expansion is 30 x10-6 m/°C, therefore a suitable fixing system must be selected. We do not recommend using glue on the outer façade because of expansion, instead suggest leaving gaps of 8 to 10 mm between each panel.

This project was designed by Kokiwoong Office and fabricated by Daemyung ATM. The lead architect, Ko, chose to build this home with LG Hausys' HI-MACS solid surface because " is one the materials that is most durable compared to others and the best malleability. I strongly recommend HI-MACS for any façade structure." To successfully utilize Hi-MACS as a façade, Ko used the method called cladding. Cladding by definition is covering one material with another. It simply means materials are fused together to give the appearance of seamless consistency.

Project Credits

Project Name
• Pangyo Private House
- Pangyo, Korea
• Kokiwoong Office
• Daemyung ATM
Yongkwan Kim
HI-MACS Solid Surface Alpine White