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CASE STUDY: Syracuse University Dining Hall

Issues & Challenges

Given the wear and tear that students can cause, Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects, Inc. from Atlanta, GA and fabricator Sterling Surfaces of Boston, MA, were challenged to design a new server that would contain the architectural design features and complex geometries that were complimentary to the design of the overall building.


Understanding that durability and easy maintenance were paramount in the new dining facility, HI-MACS Solid Surface was chosen as the primary product for serving stations, dining tables and bar tops. The common spaces of classrooms, administration buildings, student unions and dormitories all require frequent cleaning, which can damage laminates or wood surfaces.


HI-MACS Solid Surface is easy to maintain, nonporous, stain resistant and won't harbor bacteria or fungal growth. Should repairs become necessary, HI-MACS can be made to look brand new with simple sanding and buffing, making the product a good long term investment for Syracuse University.

Over 150 sheets of HI-MACS Milkweed were used throughout the Syracuse dining hall in applications including cafeteria tables, bar tops, serving stations, reception counters and service areas.

Versatile HI-MACS was thermoformed to fit the geometrical design of the serving stations, making it the perfect solution for a seamless, modern appearance throughout.

Project Credits

• Syracuse University
- Syracuse, NY
• Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects, Inc.
• Sterling Surfaces
• HI-MACS Solid Surface - Milkweed (Discontinued)