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CASE STUDY: CMA Architect Reception Desk

CMA Architect Logo

CMA Architect Reception Desk

CMA Architect chose to utilize HI-MACS Solid Surface for their reception desk because of its mold ability, seamless quality, and, most importantly, color. Mold ability allows designers to create the concept they have in mind and the seamless quality expresses the consistency of the design. Vibrant color enhances the design. These are the essential qualities Architects and Designers look for in materials to breathe life into their concepts.

HI-MACS provides these necessary elements to make conceptual designs for modern day use, such as the CMA Architect Reception Desk. CMA Architect chose HI-MACS because of the vibrant red color that complements their brand color and the vertical application, which provides a durable surface and continuity of form.

Credit Information

Project Name
• CMA Architect Reception Desk
- Dallas, Texas
• Alicia Spaete of Chippora Photography
• CMA Architect
• Lundy Services, Inc. & Goodall Distributors, Inc.
General Contractor
• Highland Builders
Millwork Subcontractor
• Lundy Services, Inc.
Countertop Installer
• Goodall Distributors, Inc. & Texas Countertops, Inc.
• LG Hausys HI-MACS Solid Surface
- Colors - Fiery Red S025