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CASE STUDY: Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl Tower

Outstanding Workability of HI-MACSŪ is Recognized by the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Symbol of Shanghai.
LG Hausys acrylic solid surface HI-MACSŪ continues to thrive in the global market as construction using HI-MACSŪ for world-renowned landmark buildings is steadily on the rise. Recently, HI-MACSŪ has been used in the Oriental Pearl Tower, the symbol of Shanghai, which is the biggest commercial city in China and a logistics hub in Asia. The Oriental Pearl Tower is a tourist attraction drawing more than 3 million visitors per year. With the fact that the product has been used for this landmark building, it has a tremendous advertising effect. Therefore, companies vying to get their products used for the building were engaged in intense competition. Under the circumstances, the fact that LG Hausys HI-MACSŪ has been chosen for the Oriental Pearl Tower indicates that HI-MACSŪ has secured a competitive edge in the global market.

The project located in the Central Business District in Shanghai's Pudong district has been designed by the Shanghai Interior Decoration Group co.,ltd. and fabricated by the Shanghai Baidoo co.,ltd. The HI-MACSŪ S28 Alpine White has been used for all the ceiling, walls, and floor in an area covering 1200mē.

The excellence of HI-MACSŪ is its outstanding workability. Unlike any other materials, it not only can be fabricated into any shape through the thermoforming process, but also can achieve a seamless, smooth surface by adopting a special joining method. In addition, with its unique translucency, HI-MACSŪ creates a gentle lighting effect, allowing of various interior applications. Such outstanding quality of HI-MACSŪ has been the most important factor in expressing the exotic design concept of the Oriental Pearl Tower dubbed as a [space capsule], symbolizing the mysteriousness of space.

As the excellence of HI-MACSŪ has become known widely, world-renowned architects and designers have featured a wide variety of interiors using HI-MACSŪ and the world's leading construction material distributors have also acknowledged its high quality.

Zaha Hadid, who was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is considered to be the [Nobel Prize of Architecture], for the first time as a female architect, used HI-MACSŪ for the Guangzhou Opera House constructed to mark the Guangzhou Asian Games. She also featured an interior design maximizing the beauty of curves by using HI-MACSŪ in the Hotel Puerta Americain Madrid, Spain. Besides these, HI-MACSŪ has also been used for the interior design of Brooklyn Museum in New York and the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart that displays automobiles manufactured by Porsche, a leading German automobile brand.

Project Credits

• Oriental Pearl Tower
- Shanghai, China
TEAM - Design
• Shanghai Interior decoration group co.,ltd.
TEAM - Fabrication
• Shanghai Baidoo co.,ltd.
• LG Hausys - HI-MACS Solid Surfacing
- Colors - S28 Alpine White