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Diamond Bench by NunoErin: Touch, Explore and Play

NUNOERIN @Modern Atlanta
Interactive Light Furniture

Light up your space with the latest lively piece of furniture presented by NunoErin, a design firm that strives to strengthen human bonds by humanizing innovative technology for shared environments. Many of their products harness on bio-sensing technologies and pleasing stimuli to create mood-boosting spaces that people are drawn to stay and engage in. With the unique properties of HI-MACS Solid Surface material, together we seek to create what once could only be dreamt.

The NunoErin Interactive Diamond Bench was designed to offer mesmerizing multi-sensory experiences that awaken the human desire to touch, play, and explore. When gently touched, the top surface of the Diamond Bench responds with mesmerizing light displays that shimmers and dance beneath your fingers. It is a product that uses new technology that responds to the electrical field within the human body. The interactive quality of the white HI-MACS seamless surfaces belies a very fluid experience, drawing the viewer's desire to touch, explore and play.

The diamond bench's hidden network of full spectrum LEDs and sensors reveal a variety of rotating interactive light programs that engage people in multi-sensory play. The table's durable construction and user friendly installation make it well suited to a variety of public spaces. Easy to clean and disinfect, it is a low maintenance solution with emotional appeal. The collection?s elegant forms reflect a sense of simplicity that is brought to life with translucent solid surface. Each piece features renewable finish and user-friendly installation.

"For our interactive light solutions, it was very important to find a solid surface material with optimal translucency that would preserve the color quality of the light we were working with. The LG HI-MACS's Lucent material performed exceptionally in this area. Likewise, when contrasting translucent and opaque surfaces, we needed the opaque material to fully camouflage the light, which the LG Alpine White did that better than any other solid surface product we've found. At the same time, when working with color, we love the expanded LG HI-MACS palette and the additional solid colors."

The innovative concepts represent the company's vision for empowerment in human relationships through a mixture of inspiring design and technology. The digital service provides an interactive playground - as beautiful as it is functional, designed for modern age, specifically for shared spaces. At the end of the day, the real beauty of the Diamond Bench is in the pleasure people enjoy in discovering its secrets and in sharing them with others.


Design: NunoErin |
Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White S028, Opal S302