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HI-MACS® Solid Surface

HI-MACS Alpine White Maktub Center

Maktub Center Construction at Nino Jesus Hospital, Madrid

In a hospital, the environment, organisation and working system strongly influences patients and their families and can cause stress. If these patients are children the impact is even stronger, due to the psychological and emotional value that children place on the environment that surround them.

Architect Elisa Valero has gone beyond merely technical aspects to create a space that reduces the sense of isolation in children with immune system deficiencies. The new design of the space aims to meet functional necessities through eliminating or transforming what are normally perceived as hospital elements.
The project was completed in two months with the added difficulty that the upper and lower floor of the hospital continued to be used during work. This required extraordinary precision and coordination of various activities.

This is why the architect decided to use different materials, including HI-MACS®. The design required a thermoforming material with an elegant, simple design that eliminated joints between the various structures. "I was looking for a long-lasting material that met hospital regulations and could be modeled to eliminate corners in the corridors, to avoid being hit by beds coming in and out of the rooms," said architect Valero. Therefore we didn't need to use impact protectors and minimized the presence of equipment. This, together with colors and shapes, helped create a pleasant, playful atmosphere.

Thanks to its aseptic properties, the fact that it is easy to clean and resists chemical agents, acrylic stone is recommended in clinics and healthcare spaces that have to respect the highest standards of hygiene. The aesthetic qualities of stone create warm, welcoming environments, even in spaces that are not usually like this. Several studies have shown that this has a positive influence on patients and their convalescence.



Design: Elisa Valero
Fabrication: Muebles, Maderama S.L.
Material: HI-MACS® Alpine White S028

Photography: Fernando Alda