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HI-MACS® Solid Surface

yestertec mini kitchen himacs lattetude

All-in-One Mini Kitchen by YesterTec

Mini Kitchen by YesterTec combines innovative patented technology, high speed cooking, great design and superb design. The result an addition to your home that can be passed on for generations.

This functional, innovative micro kitchen from YesterTec in Pennsylvania comes as a pre-designed workstation that can be assembled in just a few hours. The Mini Kitchen can also be personalized to include any standard appliances including customized shelving units. The line incorporates a broad range of design options - size, material and color, which allow designers to respond with great flexibility. No matter what you choose, this kitchen will fit in.

The Mini Kitchen was designed and developed by David W. Beer who has been designing an extensive range of homes for more than 30 years. His vision with YesterTec was to take a further leap from Johnny Grey's revolutionary 'unfitted kitchens'. David's extensive interior design experience over many years showed that many homes had wasted space - more commonly referred to as living and dining room, between the kitchen and the rest of the house, a space that he sought to rediscover and re-energize with the micro kitchen. Rather than have redundant space he wanted to make the kitchen more comfortable by blending it with the living area. He also saw the unique opportunity for spatial liberation by reducing the visual definition of the kitchen.

The traditional approach of unfitted kitchens with continuous line of countertop and cabinetry comes with limitations easily overlooked at the design stage and that only become clear after installation. The conventional kitchen tends to box up everything in horizontal layout taking up a disproportionate percentage of floor space and thus the overall space of the home leaving less room for you, your family and guests.

"Our mini-kitchens were initially designed for NYC studio apartments whereby a small kitchen occupied a multi-functional room, but a messy exposed kitchen was not desirable. Our kitchens have the ability to safely hide the 'hot' appliances behind pocket doors by utilizing U.L. Listed technology that allows the appliances to operate only when they are not hidden."

Apart from the issue of restricted space, there was still the meeting of needs of consumers - the need for a durable countertop, the need for quality craftsmanship and the need for personality in design and décor. Mini-Kitchens can conceal all the functions of a complete compact kitchen in one beautiful piece. Perfect for residential and commercial uses, these beautiful kitchenettes save space in small multi-task rooms and follow our contemporary taste for open plan living. It uses free standing, non-generic fittings so can easily fit into most room types. As the kitchen organizes vertically rather than horizontally, it allows you to personalize the kitchen the same way you would all other rooms. This enables even small apartments to be opened up and to minimize any claustrophobic feeling.

These kitchens are not only beautiful, they are fully functional. They can, for example, provide snacks throughout the day and evening for an adjacent home theater or gaming table. They can also be used to prepare any meal when the main kitchen on the first floor is being used. Another example, downstairs the adults are having a dinner party and upstairs the children (and the babysitter) are hungry. No longer do the kids need to disturb the adults to make a pizza! Pizza? That's right, the oven is a 120V GE Advantium oven that can cook (bake, warm) just about anything, and it's not just a microwave. Its speed cook feature works four times faster than a microwave. This oven is why the armoire is a REAL kitchen, not just a hospitality center. The 120V Kenyon Custom ceramic cooktop also functions as extra counter space when it is not being used. For safety considerations, both of these appliances DO NOT FUNCTION when the grid doors are closed. When the doors are opened, power is restored to the appliances, a safety feature enabled by YesterTec's patented U.L Listed technology.

"LG HI-MACS® solid surface products were chosen because we could not ship stone tops nationwide with two cutouts in them. Stone tops would not survive the trip. But HI-MACS® has done quite well and the customers appreciate all the color choices. They're a perfect fit for our Mini Kitchen as our Mini Kitchen is for your kitchen"

Typically, the design/ordering process for such a complicated piece of furniture can be quite intimidating. However you can create a beautiful, functional piece simply by selecting from the pre-priced options shown in YesterTec's designer's catalog. Then the heirloom quality piece will be hand-built and delivered to your door - easy to order, easy to use and easy on the eyes.


Design: David W.Beer
Fabrication: YesterTec Design Company
Material: HI-MACS® Lattetude

Photography: Billy Kim