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The Return of HI-MACS

HI-MACS in kitchen

HI-MACS: Solid Surface still a classic

Ever since early 1960s, solid surface has been a huge part of our kitchen and baths. 50 years has passed yet HI-MACS solid surface still resonates in the hearts of interior designers, both for commercial and residential applications. Below are some of the key reasons why HI-MACS is still the preferred choice of solid surface materials.

Limitless Design Possibilities

One of the greatest strengths of HI-MACS solid surface is the fact that it is thermoformable; or that it can be fabricated to create any and all shapes imaginable. Have you ever had a design for your home that is still sitting in your basement because of limits of other surfacing material? With HI-MACS, your dream design can wake up from its slumber and come back to life. No matter what shape or form you dream for your home, HI-MACS can help you turn your dream into reality.

Seamless Perfection

Smooth integration of HI-MACS allows fabricators to create a visually seamless look, allowing large areas without joints or edges as well as flush mounting of sinks and bowels. No longer are viewers bothered by the joint lines in the middle of the surface. Furthermore, seamless finish allows for repair and replacement without a visible trace should any part of a HI-MACS installation be damaged at any time. In addition, this seamless design means there is no place for harmful bacteria and mold to reside, allowing a hygienic household.

Unlimited color spectrum

For interior designers, color is one of the most important aspects of high-quality design. With HI-MACS, virtually limitless range of colors in all conceivable shades are available. With more being added every year, no matter what color you choose, HI-MACS can help create the perfect combination.

Wide range of application available

Because solid surface started out as a countertop surfacing material, many only think HI-MACS can be sued for just counter top surfacing material. In actuality, HI-MACS is multi-purposeful. With HI-MACS' affordable pricing, thermaformability and unlimited color choices, you can design HI-MACS to transform dreams into reality. HI-MACS can be designed to become a cabinet, a chair, a sink, a unique table, or combination of all of the above. This means all of the advantages of HI-MACS, such as affordability, thermformability, hygienic and easy to clean feature can be applied to where you need. So don?t let the limitations of other material stop you. Enjoy HI-MACS in all parts of your home today.