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Texas AM HIMACS DesignLab

Texas A&M Stadium Locker Rooms Gets a Non-Traditional yet Modern Update Using HI-MACS

Home of the Texas A&M Football program, the Bright Complex gives the Aggies a one of a kind premier facility to call their own. Needing a Locker Room that will provide a space of rejuvenation and inspiration for football players, recruiters, staff and boosters alike, HI-MACSŪ was chosen as the preferred material for its durability and superior quality that elevates any aesthetic design.

Creating a Strong Visual Impact with Superior Quality and Longevity
The Bright Complex is a 36,000 square feet football center housing some of the most talented football players in college. To create the most forward-thinking, technologically-advanced football training facility in collegiate athletics the entire complex underwent a $20.8 million renovation which included a new entry atrium and an updated, fully renovated locker room, players' lounge, training rooms, meeting rooms and coaches' offices.
In need of a hard-wearing material for the Locker Rooms, that would be extremely repellant to stains and require minimal care, the team turned to LG Hausys for its HI-MACSŪ solution.
Rajat Agarwal, of Hollman Lockers Inc., AWI Premium Certified fabricator said "This locker room was a completely new concept and we faced many challenges in this project." Rajat continues, "For example, matching the exact color of the Texas A&M logo to the colors of the HI-MACŪ Surfaces, ensuring proper ventilation of the lockers while at the same time maintaining a high end finish and functionality of the space was a an experience that called for innovative design and implementation to succeed."

Using HI-MACSŪ to construct an Innovative and Modern Locker Room Space
Understanding the design and functionality challenges, LG Hausys worked closely with the designers and contractors of the space to bring to life a perfect dream. The first challenge to overcome was that of matching the exact color of the A&M logo to the HI-MACSŪ material. The school's Maroon color surface was developed using LG Hausys' In-House Design Lab Program that matched the HI-MACSŪ color to Texas A&M football helmet. The LG Hausys' In-House Design Lab Program enables LG to custom color match HI-MACSŪ to virtually any color from a Pantone chart to being able to match the color of a football helmet.
Next all new lockers were assembled with doors, drawers, and faces all made with HI-MACSŪ Marta Gray solid surface material. One of the innovations of these lockers which HI-MACSŪ made possible was the use of perforated, solid surface doors and drawers that made ventilating the lockers possible, eliminating moisture and odors from the equipment in the locker room.
Each overhead locker panel was then designed with the Texas A&M logo in-laid in the HI-MACSŪ face and each locker door had a black HI-MACSŪ door with an Ivory White HI-MACSŪ solid surface 3-digit number inlaid in them.
Finally all vertical surfaces in the locker room were either clad with HI-MACSŪ, contained graphics, or digital displays.

A Space to proudly Call Home
"We all have been consistently impressed by the renovated facility," shares Matt Henley of PCRK. "The HI-MACSŪ material was one of the elements selected that provided a modern, high-end, unique appearance that elevates the Bright Complex above other collegiate training facilities," he adds. "The custom color Aggie Maroon material matched the football helmets perfectly, and the use of inlaid Lone Star-Texas A&M logos reinforced the branding of the space. We couldn't be more proud and pleased," he ends. Counterscapes of Tyler, TX, worked with Hollman, Inc. to design and custom inlay the Texas outline of the Texas A&M logo.
Ryan Krejci, Project Manager for Keystone Millwork, was also very impressed with how this project was concluded as he states "We have heard nothing but great compliments from this project from everyone involved; including the Head Coach, players, the architect, and the contractor."