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UCSD Jacobs Medical Center; HI-MACS; Alpine White

HI-MACSŪ solid surface helps turn the UCSD medical center patient headwall into an architectural element that is as functional as it is beautiful

UC San Diego Health System was planning to expand its facility with a 10-story multi-specialty hospital called Jacobs Medical Center. Cannon Design created an innovative design that could turn an institutional medical product, the patient headwall, into an architectural element that is as functional as it is beautiful. However, such prosperous design was not meant to be created lightly. Needing a material that is durable, flexible, nonporous and seamless, Cannon Design and Shield Casework chose HI-MACSŪ solid surface.

Complex curves and fitting hundred feet of data in compact package Key problems
The innovative design was challenging to execute as it called for fitting a hundred feet of data, electrical oxygen, vacuum and other medical gases into a compact package. Additionally, the complex curves throughout the headwall had to fit precisely to meet stringent healthcare standards. Initially, the headwall was fabricated with plastic laminate but the compound, tapering radius meant achieving a smooth surface was impossible without adding seams.
The design and fabrication team used an intensive prototyping process to deliver the headwall as originally designed. Prototyping quickly revealed issues with detailing and materials. That is when Cannon Design and Shield Casework turned to HI-MACSŪ solid surface for its transformability and non-porous characteristics.

HI-MACSŪ Solid Surface Thermoforms to the Headwall's Curves and Custom Features
With the help of HI-MACSŪ' transformability and seamless technology, Shield Casework was able to fabricate the material to fit the complex requirements and preserved the headwall's design. Shield simplified utility connections and worked through the complex build to meet the budget and design intent.
In addition, UCSD Medical center's headwall is non-porous and seamless, making it easy to sanitize and resistant to the spread of pathogens. The team then designed and made custom outlet covers to meet the gentle slope of the headwall for a completely nonporous finish.

The innovative UCSD Headwall wins IDA Gold Award
This innovative headwall received an IDA Gold Award First Prize award in the Industrial and Life Science Design competition in the International Design Awards (IDA). IDA recognized how the headwall united architecture, technology and the patient care workflow in one pioneering design. Using evidence-based design research and an intensive prototyping process, the team crafted an initial model that will be used to build 242 more headwalls for the brand-new UCSD Jacobs Medical Center in 2015.

Design: Cannon Design (Yazdani Studio)
Fabrication: Shield Casework
Material: HI-MACSŪ Alpine White