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Mercy Health Perrysburg Cancer Center

Nurses Station 1205 V2 HR 3850


Medical centers, especially facilities focused on the treatment of cancer, have a reputation of being cold, sterile and uninviting. Ohio’s Mercy Health Perrysburg Cancer Center is hoping to shatter that stereotype and have chosen HI-MACS® Solid Surface and Viatera® Quartz Surface from LG Hausys to create the perfect calm and comforting environment for both patients and those who care for them.

Perrysburg Cancer Center is a Mercy Health-owned treatment facility offering comprehensive, locally-focused cancer treatment and outpatient care, including diagnostics, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical consultation all housed in one convenient location.

When selecting the surfaces that would best suit this facility, Shital Galani, Architect and Design Director for Andrews Architects chose HI-MACS and Viatera because “LG Hausys America always provides great service and a dependable product at a great price point.” Andrews Architects also recognizes the ready availability of LG Hausys’ surfaces, allowing fabricator Cutting Edge Countertops to meet their delivery deadline.

BarryBagel-Seating Area 124 HR Pano

Beauty and design with safety in mind

Keeping patient and staff safety as the top priority, the selection of HI-MACS was an easy choice for Andrews Architect. HI-MACS is the perfect match for the Perrysburg Cancer Center because it provides:

- A strong surface that can stand up to everyday scratches, which is an important quality in high traffic areas, such as examination rooms and clinical stations, where medical instruments and equipment are in use.

- A seamless, non-porous surface that prevents the growth and collection of harmful bacteria and mold.

- Higher resistance to stains, chemicals and heat.

In accordance with common healthcare facility standards, Andrews Architect selected products for the Cancer Center in a white color, specifically Venus from the HI-MACS Aster collection. This pale-hued surface is flecked with transparent chips, catching glimmers of light and bringing a much-needed element of brightness to the space. According to Shital, “HI-MACS is a very durable product that can withstand the rigorous cleaning in a healthcare environment.” The decision to use a white surface was made because, as Shital pointed out, “It is harder to hide dirt on a white countertop,” adding,“since the product is non-porous, it is easy to keep cleaned.” Choosing this particular HI-MACS surface ensures that the spaces are kept hygienic, which is vital in any medical facility.

Since HI-MACS will not allow bacteria to penetrate or grow, it also aids in reducing the possibility of spreading infections. For this reason, Andrews Architect also selected HI-MACS Venus, along with LG Hausys’ 1612 Arctic White integral sinks, for the facility’s public restrooms. LG Hausys’ sinks install flush with the countertops, free from seams or lines, and allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Exam Room V2 HR 3849

In addition, HI-MACS is a very durable product that can withstand the constant, rigorous cleaning required in a high traffic, high use area, such as a healthcare facility. If HI-MACS areas start to show wear or are damaged, they can be resurfaced or repaired on site without the cost of replacing the entire top.

The center’s Nurse Stations and Linear Accelerator bays feature HI-MACS Venus on the countertops, transaction tops and wall caps. The exam rooms and wash areas are equipped with HI-MACS Venus on the countertops. These countertops also include LG Hausys’ 1517 Arctic White integral sinks.

Infusion Waiting 2100 HR 4066

Providing warmth where it is needed most

The goal of Andrews Architects in designing the cancer center was to treat patients and their families to a warm, inviting space. They were able to achieve their vision from the very first impression by evoking the calm and tranquility of nature in the center’s reception area. By integrating the cool, serene hues of Viatera Volcanic Rock with approachable, timeless dark woodgrain casework and walls and furniture in a subtle shade of blue, Andrews Architect created a welcoming atmosphere. The Viatera surface is not only durable, an essential quality for this high traffic space, it also contributes to its overall soothing environment.

The Viatera Volcanic Rock is also featured in the center’s on-site café, seen in accents on shelving and ledges throughout the space. The café’s countertops utilize the durable, yet aesthetically pleasing HI-MACS Venus surface. The center’s employees have their own dedicated dining and break area featuring HI-MACS in Kohala countertops in the kitchenette area. The blend of muted, natural colors that make up the Kohala palette help make the break room an oasis of relaxation and a welcome space for rest and recharging.

In their ongoing mission to make the cancer treatment and recovery journey as comfortable as possible, Mercy Health and Andrews Architects have come together to create a peaceful, welcoming space, while keeping the health and safety of its patients and employees at the top of mind. Incorporating HI-MACS Solid Surface and Viatera Quartz Surface from LG Hausys into their plans has helped them achieve this goal.

Design: Shital Galani
Fabrication: Cutting Edge Countertops
Material: HI-MACS® Venus, Arctic White Sink, Viatera® Volcanic Rock

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