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Project reOrder

The Brooklyn Museum is a lasting landmark in the New York area that brings more than 450,000 visitors annually to see its acclaimed artistic temporary exhibitions and permanent collections. The Great Hall of the museum, located on the first floor, is a 10,000 square foot room filled with 16 giant columns. The hall, which is positioned between the cafe, museum book store and other creative exhibits, acts as a common area for museum visitors and personnel. The museum hosted a 10-month exhibit called "reOrder," until January 15 of 2012.

"reOrder" was a site-specific installation created by SITU Studio, an architectural design studio founded in 2005 in Brooklyn, New York. The installation alters the current classical architecture to help visitors understand the impressive scale of the main entrance, as well as explore the architectural ornamentation that allows the Grand Hall to not only be artfully decorated, but also functional.

In order to create the entire installment, HI-MACS was used for the project. Slabs of solid surface were used to construct the Great Hall's furniture. Wrapped benches and tables were positioned at the base of 16 large classical columns, which currently are covered in elaborated fabric designs.

According to Wes Rozen, one of SITU Studio's five founding partners, "a specialized computer was used to precisely cut pieces of solid surface, which were then thermoformed into a range of curved shapes and brought together in wedges to encircle the base of columns. The finished furniture elements appear as extensions to the existing Doric architectural order, or as entirely new type of architectural ornamentation which is also functional."

Project Credits

Project Name
• reOrder
- Brooklyn, New York
• SITU Studio
• Keith Sirchio
HI-MACS Solid Surface - White Quartz