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Continuing Education Units

Parkinson's Law states work expands to fill the time available for its completion. In other words, if you spend too much time thinking, you'll never get the work done. LG Hausys sponsors continuing education program to help architects meet their annual state requirements. Run against the clock by filling your spare time with learning – otherwise still a good read. Good luck.

Available courses:


Course Name: AIACES9116HSW [1.00 AIA CES LU/HSW]
Course description: Solid surface is no longer considered a "luxury" material. Environmentally-sensitive manufacturing facilities and processes, together with unequaled performance properties and life-cycle attributes deliver sustainable value. The design community appreciates this unique combination of practicality, performance, and aesthetic flexibility.

Learning objectives:
- Understand and evaluate a manufacturer's stewardship of natural resources (energy, water, atmosphere) for solid surface "sheet" and "shape" supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, fabrication, and in situ performance characteristics, including any end-of-life-cycle considerations.
- Understand the various environmental review and rating criteria that are applicable when design professionals consider various surfacing materials options for both horizontal and vertical interior installations.
- Understand the environmental impact of fabrication materials and methods that transform "Sheet" and "Shape" material into finished products for both commercial and non-commercial applications. Understand how the design flexibility of solid surface contributes to the well-being of the end user.
- Understand the low-impact techniques and materials utilized for the care, maintenance, repair, and restoration of installed solid surface products including categories of products, their suitability for use in interior spaces, and beneficial impact on delivering life-cycle value including end-of-life disposal.

"C2C EVALUATION OF SOLID SURFACE MANUFACTURE" is now the only AIA CES Approved offering available.

Contact your Specification Manager to schedule this HSW LU for your firm.

Continuing Education Class One

2: Designing With Solid Surface

Course Name: [PK Only]
Course description: Solid surface is an affordable luxury with unlimited aesthetic options due to its versatility. This course introduces solid surface material and its ingredients with overview of the manufacturing process. It identifies the performance benefits that give the product its unlimited design potential. Finally the course examines a range of applications and solutions that only acrylic solid surface can provide for certain design challenges.

Learning objectives:
- Identity performance and aesthetic benefits of solid surface material
- Discover the link between material composition and characteristics
- Evaluate material's advantages of applications and design solutions

Contact your Specification Manager to schedule this HSW LU for your firm.

Continuing Education