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Barbara J. Huelat: Healing Our Healthcare

Barbara Huelat's Dialogues...

Author of Healing Environments, Design for the Body Mind & Spirit and a popular speaker, Ms.Huelat lectures frequently and publishes articles on healing environments and a spectrum of healthcare design topics.

"Healing environments center on healing the body, mind and spirit. Healthcare design must focus on human qualities. We are part of nature and as such we respond positively to elements of nature. Organic design is not just a trend or style, it is design based on programmatic needs of healing modalities."

** See below for Barbara's Healthcare Collection & her inspiring thoughts on the role of solid surface in healthcare applications.

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Color Kinetic Lighting with Solid Surface Materials

Color kinetic lighting can enhance the experience by combining the color of nature with an artificial lighting system. This lighting can be fun, engaging and produce positive distractions, further creating a soothing, comforting ambiance. { click to continue reading }

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Beyond Countertops

HI-MACS Solid Surfaces is commonly specified within healthcare institutions, because they are hygienic, nonporous, stain-resistant, modable, durable, sustainable, easy to clean, simple to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. Very few products can make these claims. { click to continue reading }

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Cleanable Benefits that Matter

Light gives us the magic of color. Attractive products and beautiful space trigger parts of the brain that produce desire and reward us with feelings of pleasure. This attraction is critically important in designing healthcare environments. { click to continue reading }

barbara huelat_himacs

Color and Design Opportunities

Safe healthcare spaces is not a new concept. Today one of healthcare facilities' major concerns is hospital-acquired infections. These infections are caused by ugly bugs that lurk in the crevices of beautiful materials throughout the facility.
{ click to continue reading }

Barbara J. Huelat, FASID, EDAC, AAHID
Design Principal, Huelat Parimucha Healing Design

Barbara J. Huelat, design principal at Huelat Parimucha is nationally recognized for work in evidence based healthcare design and serves as a healing environment consultant to healthcare facilities, product manufacturers, academia, institutions and the architectural design community. Her three decades of design experience cover virtually all types, components and sizes of domestic and international healthcare facilities. She currently leads Huelat Parimucha Ltd. in healthcare architecture and design diverse projects including; design research with ER One, the diverse ambulatory care environments such as clinical settings with George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, hospital design and planning with Sentra and Medstar systems and multiple Planetree projects with Veteran Affairs.

**Inspired by Barbara's 'Healing Stones', click on the banner below to browse colors we offer in our Healthcare Collection.

Design Principal
Huelat Parimucha Ltd. / Healing Design
635 South Fairfax Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
P: 703.838.8414